On The Horizon: iTHIRST Pilots the Spanish Language Program

In an exciting new development, the iTHIRST Spiritual Companionship Training (Tengo Sed) is being piloted in its Spanish language version via an in-person class held at the Winter Wheat Cenacle in Stirling, NJ. This twice weekly class is being given by Fr. Luis De La Cuadra, the Senior Director of the Spanish Language Services of the iTHIRST Initiative.

For more than a year, Fr. Luis and his colleague, Josefa Lopez, painstakingly translated the English language version of the entire iTHIRST Spiritual Companionship Training into Spanish. This task, already difficult, was made more difficult because of the translation of the vernacular associated with the field of addiction and recovery. Now, this work is about to bear fruit!

Every Wednesday and Friday, Fr. Luis, and a group of eight participants, meet for three hours to discuss the interface of our Catholic spirituality and addiction, how chemical addictions affect the mind, body and spirit, and issues that affect the families of those suffering from addictions. The course is very interactive, with participants sharing their thoughts and ideas, and in some cases, their experiences.

The goal of this training is to perfect its delivery, so that it might be presented in either in -person or in virtual form to Spanish speaking groups, or as a counterpart to the English language version presented in dioceses with large native Spanish speaking populations.

“With the Spanish language curriculum, we will be able to reach many more of those who are suffering in our communities. It has been our goal to bring the healing of the iTHIRST Initiative to all our brothers and sisters. Thanks be to God for this opportunity, “said Fr. Luis.

Kudos to Fr. Luis, Josefa, and the entire team!

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